Heroin Addiction Poems

Posted by Sara Niemiec on Sep 20, 2017 10:00:00 AM

Addiction can be a gruesome and controlling problem within ones life. Sometimes taking a step back and focusing our emotions into one channel is a calming form of venting that is beneficial. The release of stressful and painful emotions can lead to a better understanding of the feelings themselves. One way to release emotional tension is through the writting & reading of poetry. Two authors, Mark Langford and Dawn Reif understand the concept of letting emotions flow onto paper. Writing in general is a great technique to understand and release feelings and desires within an individual undergoing drug and rehab treatment. 

Check out Heorin Addiction Poems. 

Poem Written by Mark Langford:

I thought I found the answer when I found drink and drugs, it took away the pain it took away the dark. I never felt alone I had a friend for life one that would not argue and cause me trouble and strife.

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