20 Myths About Rehab Centers

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Most times what you hear are myths about rehab centers, with no element of truth. When considering rehab or an Indiana treatment center, it’s surprising that a lot of people take themselves to be rehab “experts”. Stories begin to surface which might cause people to shun rehab. It’s regrettable since a reliable rehab center is of great benefit to anyone looking at recovering from substance abuse.


This article seeks to debunk 20 myths about rehab centers. Read on.


Myths About Rehab Centers

A young woman pondering her thoughts. She is most likely thinking about myths about rehab centers and is wondering if they are true or not

Rehab Centers Are The Same

Some addicts might try a rehab center, and when it doesn’t work as expected, they begin feeling it’s of no use looking for a better facility. Believing in such is very unfortunate since it’s not true. A variety of factors are essential for success in rehab including such as their attitude.

Great care is required to choose a center suiting the individual’s needs. A reputable rehab center is client-centered and has experienced caregivers. Each rehab offers different services and treatment philosophy. Some common ones include:


  • Spiritual and recreational programs
  • Aftercare plan
  • Neurofeedback
  • Individual and group therapy
  • 30-day residential program
  • Workshops
  • Family programs


Rehab Centers Force Religions On People

Religion might be an essential aspect for some addicts to recover but it’s not compulsory. Most centers use a 12 step approach focusing on a higher power. However, there’re various approaches which don’t involve religion in any way.

Any person who considers religious versus non-religious concerns seriously must do homework before choosing a facility. Firm belief in the center’s approach has a significant impact on effectiveness. Addicts have to go for a program suiting their principles.


Rehab Is Boring

Everyone determines their experience in rehab. Starting a new life bores at first but begins become fun once individuals have made friends with same interests. Then, rehab becomes a revitalized life. At a rehab center, the professional care coupled with experienced caregivers plus the wonderful people around makes profound changes in the life of an individual.

Meeting other people struggling with same addiction issues is a great way to build friendship. It gives the individual a chance to discover more about addiction and how to deal with it.


Rehab Is Not Important

It’s no doubt that people who get into addiction treatment programs exhibit various positive life changes. These include:


  • Ending substance abuse
  • Reduced involvement in criminal activity
  • Improvement in occupational and social functioning


Rehab is essential when dealing with recovery from substance abuse. Addiction treatment helps an individual to identify causes of substance abuse and ideas on coping with cravings. Rehab also offers ideas on avoiding relapse.


No Privacy In Rehab

There’s privacy for anyone in rehab with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Every treatment centers have to respect the confidentiality of their clients. The HIPAA is enforced by the Department of Health and Human Services Office for Civil Rights. Rehab centers also have guidelines regarding privacy.


Rehab Is For Young People

One is too old to consider improving their health plus quality of life. Recovery is for everyone regardless of age. Anyone should not get worried about their age when seeking a remedy for their addiction problem. There’re programs to suit anyone’s particular demographic. Addiction recovery is a lifetime process requiring repeated efforts for an individual to get better regardless of age.


Joining Rehab Means Losing Employment

Two women talking about one leaving for addiction treatment at a rehab center

The chances are high that employers can notice any employer struggling with addiction. This is because addiction has negative impacts on productivity and performance. If addiction continues, the individual risks losing their job.

The odds are high that the boss will support efforts for an employer to recover from addiction. Various employers even provide Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) for workers struggling with substance abuse. A company supervisor can refer a member of staff to EAP and monitor their recovery process.

The employee can use vacation time for the recovery process. This is a good option for workers whose employers don’t offer recovery benefits such as EAPs. The paid vacation time provides money to pay for rehab costs.


Rehab Affects One’s Daily Schedule

There’s a chance for an individual to get into a treatment program according to the treatment required and personal preference. For people who need 24-hour care, inpatient treatment is the right choice. Outpatient care offers a chance for one to undergo treatment while living in their homes. Many facilities offer both short term and long term drug rehab for these specific reasons. For working-class individuals, there’s executive treatment which enables one to go on working during treatment.


Relapse Means Rehab Is A Waste Of Time

Rehab is not a guarantee for full sobriety. This is true since all addicts don’t have the same level of addiction. Rehab centers just equip an individual with ideas required for future sobriety success. It means the individual should learn and embrace the ideas offered to make good choices in life.

Individuals should learn to manage cravings and triggers since they’re bound to happen. A rehab center provides future support on how to handle relapse and to gain future sobriety.


No One Understands Addicts

People dealing with addiction issues feel they don’t belong anywhere. It might even be a reason why they resorted to abusing substance. What people don’t realize is that lack of self-esteem is bound to escalate their abuse of substances.

There’s no need to fear treatment. In a rehab center, the individual will meet others dealing with the same problem to make the road to recovery a joint experience.


Rehab And Detox Are The Same

This is not correct. Rehab and detox are both part of addiction recovery programs. However, they are not the same. When an individual is in detox, they undergo a medical examination. Detox helps them eliminate substances from their body for recovery to begin. Rehab is primarily to educate an individual on ways to prolong sobriety.


Addiction Recovery Can Happen Without Rehab

Most people tend to believe this, but it seldom works. The brain doesn’t allow this since it cannot let an individual undergo detox on their own without professional assistance. Long-term sobriety is a complicated process and the first step to getting substances from the body.

Trying to handle recovery on one’s own is very uncomfortable and risky. This is because addiction is very controlling. An individual needs strong support and ideas for managing triggers. Trying in on one’s own is a sure way to fail.


Rehab Is Expensive

Treatment for substance abuse comes at a cost. However, there’re various ways to finance the recovery process. The fees vary according to the choice of recovery program. And, each program offers a variety of finance options. The trick is to choose a center which accepts your insurance plan.


Apart from insurance, there’re various options to consider:


  • Healthcare lending
  • Stabilization programs
  • Self-help 12 step programs
  • Health insurance marketplace


Addicts Always Join Rehab On Their Own

It’s not always the case. Anyone who finds himself in an addictive situation should begin to think more unconventionally. Family members have to convince loved ones that rehab is the best way to get better. Professional assistance is usually required to help an addict improve their life.


Addicts Choose That Life

It’s true most people make up their mind to use addictive substances. However, no one purposely targets to become an addict. It’s only occasional use which turns to using drugs or alcohol more often. The more someone uses addictive substances, the higher the chances of their bodies and brains dependent on these materials.

These substances change the way the brain functions. It makes the person obsessed with getting a quick fix. The initial use of alcohol or drugs is always voluntary, but when addiction takes over, substance abuse is no longer a choice.


Addicts Are Terrible People

Two young women talking on swings at a rehab center

An individual with an addiction problem has a disease. It’s not like other diseases spread by germs, addiction is sometimes a genetic disease. This condition significantly affects the body and brain in a variety of ways. It’s disheartening to know that regardless of the substance abuse, any form of addiction has the same impact on the mind.

Addiction doesn’t make a person insane, immoral, dangerous or insane. It’s the disease which takes over his whole being to make that individual have less control over their life.


Detox Is A Nightmare

Detoxification is allowing the body to get rid of toxins prior to beginning their addiction treatment. Detox can be an uncomfortable ordeal but an essential step for one to recover. A reliable rehab canter does whatever it takes to ensure the detox process is safe and smooth.

Strategies like medically-assisted detox make the procedure comfortable. This might involve taking safer pharmaceutical options to the drug abused. It helps to make the withdrawal process easy and minimizes cravings. Some of the drugs need medical monitoring during detox including:


  • Barbiturates
  • Alcohol
  • Benzodiazepines


Medical evaluation by professional care before starting addiction treatment ensures a safe detoxification process. It also guarantees a comfortable experience for positive results.


An Addict Has To Like Treatment To Get Better

Most people with a drug abuse problem don’t want treatment since it subjects them to a life without drugs or alcohol. Life in rehab frightens most substance users. In most cases, court orders are why people end up in rehab. Sometimes, it might also be urging from family and friends.

The reasons why people get treatment for substance abuse is not related to success rates. Anyone in rehab benefits from thorough treatment even when they never entered rehab on their own.


Rehab Is For People Who Hit Rock Bottom

That is not true. An individual has to get assistance before hitting rock bottom. Any hesitation might lead to severe consequences including death. Untreated substance build-up gets worse with time and comes with dire consequences. Seeking assistance for a rehab center saves an individual from those effects.


Addicts Are Hopeless

Most addicts relapse at some point. Addiction is chronic and anyone in recovery battles with it every day for the rest of their life. Former addicts can go on to live sober, productive and healthy lives. Living a normal life can happen when that individual keeps sobriety as a number one priority.

Full recovery might get tricky with no support from spouses, children or employers. This pressure might lead to a relapse. Going for treatment and following recommendations is vital to prevent relapse from occurring.


Bottom Line

There are various beliefs which people have regarding addiction and drug and alcohol recovery. However, many of them are not true as noticed above. Joining a rehab center is a great idea to enable the addict to realize the actual benefits instead of believing in misconceptions like the myths about rehab centers we just discussed.


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