Substance Abuse Counselors and Rehabs In Kentucky

Support Groups and Rehabs in Indiana

The Effects of Oxycodone and Alcohol

Brad Pitt Credits Bradley Cooper For Helping Him Get Sober

Staying Sober With Indianapolis Rehab

What Is Wet Brain Syndrome?

What Is Grain Alcohol?

Finding Suboxone Doctors Near Me

How Can Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy Help Addiction?

This Week in Recovery: January 3, 2020

Benefits of CBT in Rehab Facilities In Louisville, KY

Indiana Drug Rehab and State Initiatives

Celebrating The New Year Sober

Effects of Trazodone Overdose

Finding Local Help At A Carmel Rehab

Drinking During The Holidays and Alcohol Rehab In Indianapolis

What Are the Stages of Alcoholism?

This Week In Recovery: December 20, 2019

Psychotherapy and How Drug Rehab In Indiana Can Help

Brian Tarantina of 'Marvelous Mrs. Maisel' Died of Accidental Overdose

Dual Diagnosis and Kentucky Rehab

Alcohol Poisoning and Alcohol Rehab In Indiana

How To Stop Binge Drinking

This Week In Recovery: December 12, 2019

The Effects of Opioids and Rehabs In Louisville, KY

Alcohol Withdrawal And Alcohol Rehab In Indianapolis

How Suboxone Treatment in Indiana Can Help with Sobriety

What Is Phenibut?

Changes Caused By Addiction and Carmel Rehab

This Week In Recovery: December 5, 2019

What Happens During Inpatient Rehab?

Alcoholism and Finding AA Meetings in Louisville, KY

The Science Behind Addiction And How Indianapolis Rehab Can Help

How To Help An Alcoholic

Celebrating Thanksgiving Sober

Side Effects Of Taking Trazodone For Sleep

Construction Workers, Opioids, and Indianapolis Rehab

This Week in Recovery: November, 22, 2019

How A Drug Rehab In Indiana Is Using SMART Recovery

Relapses and Indiana Rehab

Adverse Childhood Experiences and Finding Rehab Near Me

Drug Courts and Rehabs In Indiana

This Week in Recovery: November 14, 2019

Talking To Kids About Drug Use and Indiana Rehab

Drunk Driving And Alcohol Rehab in Indianapolis

What Is Kratom?

Veteran's Day: How Substance Abuse Affects Veterans

What Is Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT)?

Indiana Marijuana Laws and Indiana Drug Rehab

Oklahoma Approves Largest Commutation In U.S. History

What Meth Withdrawal Looks Like

This Week In Recovery: November 1, 2019

IOP and Finding an Outpatient Drug Rehab: Indianapolis

The Dangers of Cocaine Withdrawal

Tramadol Withdrawal and Side Effects

Alcohol Abuse and Alcohol Rehab In Indiana

This Week In Recovery: October 25, 2019

What Is Narcan?

Benefits of Medical Detox and Carmel Rehab

Do I Have A Drinking Problem?

Buprenorphine, MAT, and Suboxone Doctors: OKC

How Drug and Alcohol Rehabs In Louisville, Kentucky Can Help

This Week in Recovery: October 18, 2019

Signs of Meth Use

Finding Alcohol Treatment And AA Meetings: Indianapolis

Angels Employee Says Team Knew Of Tyler Skaggs' Drug Use

Alcoholism In The Workplace

Campral: What Is It and How It Can Help

This Week in Recovery: October 11, 2019

World Mental Health Day 2019

Available Therapies in Residential Treatment

Indiana Drug Deaths and How Carmel Rehab Can Help

Is Substance Abuse in College Higher in Greek Life?

Alcoholism And Alcohol Rehabs In Oklahoma

This Week in Recovery: October 4, 2019

I Got a DUI, What Happens Next?

Medication-Assisted Treatment and Rehabs in Indiana

Google Honors Dr. Herbert Kleber and Evidence-Based Drug Treatment

Signs of Addiction in Young Adults

Is My Husband An Alcoholic?

This Week in Recovery: September 27, 2019

Indiana Counties With The Worst Drug Problems

Finding A Drug Rehab Near Me

The Dangers of Drinking Games

Drug Rehabs in Indiana and the Opioid Crisis

This Week In Recovery: September 20, 2019

How to Stay on Track After Leaving Drug and Alcohol Rehab

The Difference Between Vaping and Smoking

Addiction Recovery Tips For Families

Addiction And Drug Rehabs In Indianapolis

This Week In Recovery: September 13, 2019

Google Launches New Addiction Recovery Website

The Myth Of The High Functioning Alcoholic

6 Techniques To Staying Sober

Stories Of Recovery: Darren Waller

What Is L-Theanine

This Week In Recovery: September 6, 2019

Clinical Column: The Overlap Between Addiction and ADHD

Michigan Bans E-Cigarettes

5 Benefits Of Quitting Alcohol

Tyler Skaggs Died From Opioids & Alcohol Intoxication

Is My Coworker Using Drugs

Does Genetics Play A Role In Addiction

This Week In Recovery: August 31, 2019

Clinical Column: The Impact Of Substance Abuse On Children

Substance Abuse & Its Effects On Families & Children

How To Help A Child With An Addiction

Johnson & Johnson Ordered To Pay $572 Million In Opioid Lawsuit

E-Cigarettes Can Cause Damage After Just One Use

This Week In Recovery: August 23, 2019

Dangers Of Mixing Tramadol And Alcohol

Psychedelic Drugs & Hallucinogens: LSD, Mushrooms & Peyote

What Is A Dry Drunk?

Why Do People Smoke?

This Week In Recovery: August 16, 2019

Clinical Column: How To Talk To Your Kids About Drugs

How To Quit Smoking Marijuana

How To Quit Chewing Tobacco

Brooke Mueller Checks Into Trauma Center Amid Sobriety Struggles

How Long Do Opioids Stay In Your System

This Week In Recovery: August 9, 2019

Clinical Column:The Need For Effective Medicaid SUD Treatment

The Dangers Of Alcohol & Marijuana Use For Teens

Stigma Surrounding Drug & Alcohol Addiction

The Signs Of Denial During Addiction

This Week In Recovery: August 2, 2019

Clinical Column: Ties Between Substance Abuse & LGBT Community

A Dangerous Duo: Pregnancy & Substance Abuse

What Is Cannabidiol? The Benefits Of CBD

What Is Suboxone?

This Week In Recovery: July 26, 2019

Clinical Column: The Benefits And Differences Between MAT Programs

Is Alcohol Rehab Right For You?

Opioid Use Outside Of The United States

Stories Of Recovery: Buzz Aldrin

This Week In Recovery: July 19, 2019

Clinical Column: Women & Substance Abuse-Causes, Effects & Consequences

What Is Ketamine?

Stories Of Recovery: Macklemore

The Intermixing Of Mental Health And Alcohol Addiction

The Dangers Of Sleeping Pills

This Week In Recovery: July 12, 2019

The Risks Of Prescription Abuse And Misuse

Symptoms Of Alcohol Poisoning That Could Save A Life

The Ins And Outs Of Heroin Withdrawal

Opioid Use Disorder And Its Effects

The Importance of Intensive Outpatient Treatment

Is Addiction A Choice?

Stories Of Recovery: Ozzy Osbourne

Everything You Need To Know About Smart Recovery

This Week In Recovery: June 28, 2019

Stories of Recovery: Dennis Rodman

Remembering A Life: Heath Ledger

Alcohol Effects On The Body

Disulfiram, Acamprosate, and Other Forms Of Alcohol MAT

This Week In Recovery: June 21, 2019

What Is ETOH?

Alcoholic Dementia And Alcohol Treatment

Dangers Of Alcohol Withdrawal

Alcohol Abuse Symptoms and Treatment

This Week In Recovery: June 14, 2019

How To Start Yoga While In Recovery

How Your Hobbies Can Help You Give Up Alcohol

What Are Quaaludes?

What Is Yaba? Panic Over Drug in Bangladesh

This Week In Recovery: June 7, 2019

Opioid Withdrawals and Detox

Remembering a life: Hank Williams

Gift ideas for the sober person in your life

Stories Of Recovery: David crosby

Methamphetamine Abuse and Rehab in Indiana

This week in recovery: May 31, 2019

Indiana Opioid epidemic

'Game Of Thrones' Star Kit Harington Checks Into Rehab

Rehab Centers In Indiana

Stories Of Recovery: Tim McGraw

Stories of Recovery: Brad Pitt

Alcohol Abuse In Indiana

This week in recovery: May 24, 2019

Drugs Of Abuse In Indiana

What Is Comorbidity?

Stories of Recovery: Brett Farve

This week in recovery: may 17, 2019

How To Help A Husband Suffering From Alcoholism

The Burden On America's Prison's: America's Opioid Crisis:

State of Addiction: Indiana

This Week In Recovery: May 10, 2019

Recognizing The Signs Of Addiction In Coworkers

How To Stop Drinking

What To Know About Chemical Dependency Treatment

With Drug Use Down, Why Are Overdoses Up?

This Week In Recovery: May 3, 2019

Presidential Candidates And The Opioid Crisis

Understanding AA: Acceptance and Coping with Alcoholism

State Of Addiction In Kentucky

Finding Alcoholism Treatment

This Week In Recovery: April 26, 2019

Impact Of Substance Use Disorders On Families And Children

Why Alcoholics Can't Stop Drinking

Eminem Celebrates 11 Years of Sobriety

High Functioning Alcoholics And Relationships

How Can A Family Help An Addict

This Week In Recovery: April 19, 2019

Is My Partner An Alcoholic?

How to Help Someone Addicted to Pills

Everything You Wanted To Know About Sober Living

Meth Withdrawal And Side Effects

This Week In Recovery: April 12, 2019

When A Coworker Smells Like Alcohol

Identifying Drug Abuse

Purdue Pharma Reaches 270M Dollar Settlement With Oklahoma

What Is Alcohol Awareness Month

This Week In Recovery: April 5, 2019

What To Do When You're Married To An Alcoholic

Remembering A Life: Kurt Cobain

Adolescent and College Alcohol Use

What To Do When Anxiety Fuels Addiction

This Week In Recovery: March 29, 2019

Oklahoma Lawsuit Says Johnson & Johnson Was Opioid "Kingpin"

Remembering A Life: Philip Seymour Hoffman

Addiction And Mental Health In America

Alcohol Abuse And Rehab In Oklahoma

This Week In Recovery: March 22, 2019

Helping A Loved One With A Drinking Problem

Unpacking The Drug Trade Of The Dark Web

Addiction And Mental Health Among Law Enforcement

Mexican Drug Cartels Move On Oklahoma

This Week In Recovery: March 15, 2019

Struggling To Stay Sober On St. Patrick's Day

Remembering A Life: Mac Miller

Oklahoma Counties With Worst Drug Problems

The Powerful Link Between Trauma And Addiction

This Week In Recovery: March 8, 2019

CBD Oil As An Alternative To Opioid Treatment?

The Rise of Methamphetamine in Oklahoma

Remembering A Life: Johnny Cash

The Addiction Crisis In Louisville

This Week In Recovery: March 1, 2019

Am I An Alcoholic?

Building A Sober Support Network

Long-Term Effects of Drug Use on the Brain

The Unheard Victims of the Opioid Crisis: Grandparents

This Week In Recovery: 2/22/19

Sober High School: How Recovery Schools Offer Hope and Education

Remembering A Life: Chris Farley

Purdue Pharma, Part 2: Oklahoma

Purdue Pharma, Part 1: The Sackler Family

This Week In Recovery: February 15, 2019

Naloxone in Oklahoma

The History of The War on Drugs: Reagan Era and Beyond

The Power Of Denial In Addiction

Substance Abuse Among Veterans

Justin Bieber Opens Up On Struggles With Addiction

This Week In Recovery: February 8, 2019

Remembering A Life: Jean-Michel Basquiat

Kentucky Counties With The Worst Drug Problems

Substance Abuse Among Native Tribes

Stories of Recovery: Samuel Jackson

This Week In Recovery-February 1, 2019

State of Addiction in Kentucky: January

Can Trump's Wall Stop The Opioid Epidemic?

The Origin Of The Cold Turkey Phrase

Alcoholism Help Online

This Week In Recovery-January 25, 2019

DC's Slow Response To The Opioid Epidemic

Oklahoma Marijuana Laws

Remembering A Life: Amy Winehouse

Finding Detox Centers in Lexington, KY

This Week In Recovery-January 18, 2019

The History of The War on Drugs: Pre-1970s to Nixon

Jay from “Jay & Silent Bob” Talks Getting Sober

Oxycodone Addiction and Oklahoma

The Dangers of Vaping

This Week In Recovery: January 11, 2019

Remembering a Life: Bradley Nowell

How States Can Use Funding From the New Federal Opioid Bill Pt. 2

How States Can Use Funding From The New Federal Opioid Bill

Drugs Most Often Used in Drug Overdose Deaths from 2011 to 2016

This Week in Recovery: January 4, 2019

Kentucky and Marijuana

Methylphenidate and Methamphetamine in Oklahoma

The 5 Biggest Causes Of Relapse

America's Opioid Epidemic Solutions

This Week In Recovery: December 28, 2018

Why Oklahoma Is In Need Of Drug Rehab Facilities

The Cost Of Excessive Alcohol Consumption

Vivitrol and Other MAT Options

How to Detox Your Body From Drugs

This Week In Recovery: December 21, 2018

12 Steps for Staying Sober During the Holidays

Patriots WR Josh Gordon Stepping Away From Football

The Effects of a Cocaine Overdose

10 Tips On Recovering From Emotional Abuse From Addicts

7 Habits of Highly Successful People In Recovery

Colin Kroll Found Dead of Apparent Overdose

Adolescent Substance Abuse in Kentucky and IOP Programs

This Week In Recovery: December 14, 2018

Kentucky Alcohol Laws and More

Which Substances Kill the Most in Oklahoma

Stories of Recovery: John Mayer

What is the Krokodil Drug?

Stories of Recovery: Darryl Strawberry

Drunk Driving and Alcohol Rehab in Oklahoma

Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome in Oklahoma

New PBS Nova Documentary Explores Addiction

What Is A Day In Lexington IOP Like?

How To Use Casey's Law In Louisville, KY

Stories of Recovery: Elton John

101 Inspiring Recovery Quotes

"Just Say No" And Its Effects

Changes In Oklahoma Prescribing Laws

The Effects of Opioids in Kentucky

New CDC Report Shows 2017 Had Record High Fatal Overdoses

Lexington Restaurant Tackles Opioid Crisis

Making Amends After Addiction Recovery

5 More Recovery Songs About Addiction

Portugal’s Drug Reform Experiment

How Neurofeedback Therapy Can Impact Drug Treatment

Stories of Recovery: Trent Reznor

The Difficulties Of Sober Living In Oklahoma

Fentanyl in Kentucky

What is Vivitrol and How it Impacts Overdoses and Relapses

What Is A Typical Day In A Drug Rehab Center Like?

Drunk Driving In The State Of Kentucky

Alcohol-Related Cancers and Alcohol Rehab Programs

Benefits of Group Therapy During Drug Treatment

Stories of Recovery: Daniel Radcliffe

The New Opioid that is 10 Times Stronger than Fentanyl

How To Make The Most Of Your IOP Group

Stories Of Recovery: Steve-O

A Star Is Born: Bradley Cooper Channels His Own Addiction

Drug Rehab vs. Incarceration

Teen Substance Use In Oklahoma

All About Xanax Abuse

How To Avoid Relapse After Alcohol Rehab

Everything You Wanted To Know About Alcohol Rehab

Stories of Recovery: John Goodman

Dealing With A Grown Child That Is An Addict

Addiction In The Construction Industry

How Long Do Drugs Stay In Your System?

Trump Signs Opioid Bill Into Law

The Most Commonly Abused Medications In America

What Alcohol Does To Your Liver

Learning The Power Of Forgiveness In Recovery

Understanding Depression Awareness Month

Stories Of Recovery: Stephen King

8 Tips To Stop Enabling An Addict Today

The Rising Cost Of Opioids

Stories Of Recovery: Russell Brand

Best Ways To Stay Sober During Football Season

Letting Go Of Toxic Relationships After Rehab

Maintaining Your Job While In Rehab

The 5 Most Important Tips For Post-Rehab Life

Stories of Recovery: Anthony Hopkins

How To Ask For Help For An Addiction

5 Stand Up Comics Who Are Sober

World Mental Health Day

Stories of Recovery: Jon Hamm

What Is A Typical Day In Rehab Like?

Let's Talk About Prescription Drug Abuse

College Students: Mental Health & Addiction

Stories of Recovery: Anthony Kiedis

The Truth About Deaths From Antidepressants

Killing Pain: Oklahoma Opioid Documentary Reviewed

Everything You Want To Know About Court-Ordered Treatment

Stories of Recovery: Jamie Lee Curtis

Drug and Alcohol Treatment in Kentucky

Teen Drinking Statistics

The Opioid Crisis Response Act of 2018

Stories of Recovery: Angelina Jolie

State of Addiction: Oklahoma

Barbiturates Vs. Benzodiazepines

Stories Of Recovery: Eric Clapton

The Deadly Truth About Alcohol Withdrawal

Finding Affordable Treatment For Substance Abuse

Finding Substance Abuse Treatment For A Loved One

Rapper Mac Miller Passes Away From Drug Overdose at 26

Signs Of Codependency

Stories of Recovery: Robert Downey Jr.

8 Ways To Deal With Cravings After Rehab

Stories of Recovery: Demi Lovato

Signs of Heroin Addiction

Forms Of Therapy You'll Encounter In Recovery

5 Empowering Songs About Addiction From Female Artists

Everything You Wanted To Know About Alcoholics Anonymous

What is Flexeril?

Resolving Trauma and Addiction Recovery

The Effects of Cocaine

The Permanent Pain of Alcoholic Neuropathy

Adderall Withdrawal: What To Know

The Science Behind Drug and Alcohol Addiction

The Dangers Of Mixing Alcohol And Ambien

Hydrocodone Withdrawal

How To Stop Being An Angry Drunk

What Are Track Marks?

Signs Of A High Functioning Alcoholic

The Correlation Between Addiction & Genetics

Valium Addiction & Recovery

Scientists Discover Addiction Gene For Cocaine In Lab Rats

What Drugs Does Vivitrol Block?

Is Alcohol a Drug?

Substance Abuse and College Students

Top 10 Addictions People Go To Rehab For

Signs Of Alcohol Poisoning

Lethal Doses Of The World's Most Abused Drugs

How To Stay Sober With Vivitrol

Alcohol Abuse In Seniors

Celebrities Who Have Overdosed

Facts About Four Alternative Addiction Treatments

Starting Over After Recovery

Famous Figures Who Dealt With Substance Abuse

HIV Rates Soaring in Kentucky

Drug Laws Around The World

The Truth About Prescription Drug Abuse

Top TV Shows About Drugs & Addiction

The Landmark Recovery Guide to Alcohol Detox

Kentucky Is Ground Zero For The Opioid Crisis

The 7 Biggest Cartels in Mexico

Knowing When to Go to Rehab

Everything You Wanted To Know About Heroin

Dual Diagnosis: The Connection Between Addiction & Mental Illness

Fighting the Opioid Crisis in Oklahoma

Meth on the Rise in Kentucky

What Is Art Therapy?

How To Stay Sober Through The Holidays

Everything You Wanted to Know About Opioids

Deaths of Despair: America’s Drugs, Alcohol, & Suicide Crisis

Statistics on Teen Drug Use in the U.S.

Coping With A Family Member Going To Rehab

A Brief History of Drug Use in War

Everything You Wanted to Know About Stimulant Drugs

Benefits Of Exercise During Drug & Alcohol Rehab

Is Vivitrol the Best Option for Opioid Withdrawal?

5 More Recovery Songs for Addicts

Everything You Wanted To Know About Benzodiazepines

What To Do When Someone Relapses

A Brief History of Drug Enforcement in the United States

Signs of Alcoholism

Top 5 Films About Addiction

Do Safe Injection Sites Work?

How Mobile Apps Can Improve Chances of Recovery

What Is Fentanyl?

What Is Refuge Recovery

A New Option for Treating Opioid Withdrawal: Lucemyra

The Correlation Between Addiction and Loneliness

Inspiring Bible Verses on Addiction

Our Favorite Recovery Resources and Blogs

Supporting a Loved One Through Medication Assisted Recovery

5 Classic Recovery Songs About Addiction

Is Intensive Outpatient Right for You?

The Long Term Effects of Drinking

Social Drinking vs. Alcoholism

How Neurofeedback Helps Treat Addictive Behavior

Drug Relapse Prevention Strategies

Can L-Theanine Be An Alternative To Xanax?

What is an Intensive Outpatient Program?

Inpatient Drug Rehab vs. IOP vs. PHP

How to Prepare for Residential Inpatient Treatment

Is Intensive Outpatient Treatment Right for You?

5 Questions to Ask Your Treatment Center

Is Addiction a Disease?

What to Expect From Alcohol Rehab Centers

What is Vivitrol?

Celebrity Quotes About Sobriety

AA Alternatives that Work: SMART Recovery vs. AA

Legal Challenges Over Suboxone Distribution in Kentucky

The Best Rap/Recovery Songs About Addiction

What States Have Casey's Law?

What’s An Intervention?

Recovery In Kentucky And The Support of Drug Rehab

101 Inspiring Recovery Quotes About Addiction

6 Signs That You Are Enabling An Addict

Neurofeedback at Landmark Recovery

Teenage Drug and Alcohol Abuse Facts

How Suboxone Can Save An Addict's Life

Top Drug Rehab in Louisville Kentucky

I Can't Stop My Drug Abuse

What Is Neurofeedback?

7 Services That Make Us The Best Drug & Alcohol Program In Kentucky

What is SMART Recovery?

Alcohol detox doesn't need to be frightening

The Danger of Synthetic Drugs

Top 5 Recovery Songs About Addiction

5 Celebrities in Recovery for Drug Addiction

Negative Hospital Pasts Leading to Positive Inpatient Rehabs

What Addiction Will Be Like In 100 Years

13 Celebrities & Their Meaningful Recovery Quotes

Alcohol Rehab In Kentucky 

Top 10 Benefits of Inpatient Treatment For Addiction

Inspirational Recovery Quotes To Read Now!

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Is A Lifelong Process

20 Substance Abuse Tips

Heroin Addiction Poems To Read During Inpatient Drug Rehab

Failure-To-Launch: Treatment Options For Addiction & Other Causes

The Worst Addiction Advice We Have Ever Heard

Alcohol Recovery Quotes

Heroin Addiction and Young Adults (5 Must-Know Facts)

20 Myths About Rehab Centers

17 Drug and Alcohol Abuse Facts You Might Not Know

The Voice Within - How to Beat Addiction

7 Ways Smart Recovery Enhanced Our Substance Abuse Program

10 Reasons Why Intensive Outpatient Treatment Is Essential

The Opioid FAQ: Schizophrenia’s Spin:

Relapse Prevention: Tips That Enhance Recovery & Strength

5 Festive Alcohol-Free Drinks to Spice up The New Year

The Benefits of Inpatient Drug Rehab

Understanding the Stages of Denial To Support A Loved One 

Getting Clean: Ridding Your Body of Drugs Through Detoxification

Early Recovery: 5 Facts About the First Year of Sobriety

SMART Recovery, Neurofeedback and Ongoing Therapy 

15 Inspirational Quotes for Those Struggling with Addiction

Effects Social Media And Big Pharmaceutical Companies Have

Drug & Alcohol Abuse Free Homes are Better For All Residents

Drug And Alcohol FAQ

Obsessed with Opioids: Feeling Good Isn't Always Our Best Option

Differences Between Alcoholics Anonymous and SMART Recovery

How To Prepare For Inpatient Drug and Alcohol Rehab

How To Find Heroin Treatment

From the Mouth of a Psych Nurse-Not All Centers Are The Same

5 Traits Of An Alcoholic You Need To Know

7 Things You Should Never Say To An Alcoholic

Short Term Drug Rehab Versus Long Term Drug Rehab

Heroin Addiction Statistics

There's More Than One Path To Recovery

How Not To Relapse After Treatment

What Are Opioids? The Opioid FAQ

What is Casey’s Law

Getting Down To Business With Drugs

The Popularity Contest Kentucky Does Not Want To Win

Junk Food Isn't The Only Addiction Problem

The Buzz on Critical Alcohol Facts

Heroin Addiction Poems

Kentucky Isn't Just For Bourbon Anymore

Going The Distance To Find The Ideal Rehab Center

How To Find The Right Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center

The Dark Mine of Addiction

How To Detox Your Body From Drugs

Top 10 Drug and Alcohol Recovery Quotes

Drug and Alcohol Rehab: What's Right For You?

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