Top 10 Benefits of Inpatient Treatment For Addiction

Posted by Sara Niemiec on Feb 27, 2018 10:00:00 AM


Want to know what’s so great about rehab and what to expect during  inpatient treatment? The advantages of sobering up in a safe, professional and caring environment are substantial. Read the top 10 benefits of  for addiction to find out now!


Benefits of Inpatient Treatment 


1. Structure

You will get up, go to groups, and eat meals at the same time every day. It probably goes without saying - you’re life was in need of consistency and order when you were abusing drugs or alcohol. You’ll get a hefty dose of it here. Learning a daily routine will be instrumental in your recovery.


2. Positive Influences

You will be surrounded by people rooting for you. People who believe in your success will be pushing you forward during the first few weeks when you’re experiencing self-doubt and regret.

A group of friends laughing together. A strong support group is vital in inpatient treatment.

3. 24-hour medical support

If you’re going to endure medical detoxification from opiates or alcohol, you need medical monitoring to ensure a safe withdrawal that’s free of serious complications that include uncontrolled blood pressure, seizures, or untimely death. Nurses and doctors will watch you carefully to confirm that your detox symptoms are well-managed and you’re responding optimally to treatment.


4. No Access

Not only will you be unable to call your old drug dealer, you probably won’t have access to facility doors either, as inpatient centers restrict patients from being able to come and go as they please. Employees work round-the-clock to prevent drugs from entering the facility, perform routine and random room searches, and inspect food and personal items delivered by loved ones.


5. A Break For Loved Ones

Your friends and family need to take a much-needed break, from you. Although this sounds harsh, the people supporting you need some time to take care of themselves and are long overdue for their own rest and recovery. Focus on yourself during inpatient treatment and give your loved ones some space. You’ll be reunited with them before you know it.


6. “You’re the Man,” or… “Woman”

During inpatient addiction treatment, the focus is on you! When you were using, how often did you wish someone would just “pay attention” and be genuinely concerned about you? Inpatient rehab centers are chock-full of individuals dedicated to supporting, lifting-up, and empowering you. They’re there because they care.


7. Informative Programming

Good treatment centers have structured groups and regular classes to broaden your awareness surrounding addiction causes, and effective treatments. If you maintain an open mind and optimistic attitude, you will be in a perpetual state of learning, with no time for boredom.


8. Solid Nutrition

When you were abusing drugs, how was your diet? Did it basically consist of Doritos, frozen meals, and cookies? You’re not alone. Practically everyone lets their health take a back seat to their addictions. In rehab, you’ll have three nutritionally balanced meals a day and be encouraged to drink lots of water.

An arrangement of fruits and vegetables. Proper nutrition is an important part of successful inpatient treatment.

9. Time to Grieve

You’re letting go of drugs that have controlled your life. You should feel inspired, so why do you suddenly feel bombarded with uncontrollable emotions, and crying fits? Conscious awareness is forcing you to remember old traumas and uncomfortable memories that you suppressed. You need to work through these emotional injuries, and take advantage of time with your therapist to process events from your past.


10. Recovery Tool-Kit

You won’t be in rehab forever. While you may feel like treatment for addiction is the longest 30-45 days of your life, it will end. While you’re there, focus on your recovery, and give it your utmost dedication. Soak in every resource that can help you after discharge. By the time you leave rehab, you’ll have plenty of strategies to implement when the urge to relapse strikes.


There you have them - the top 10 benefits of inpatient addiction treatment, however, most recovering addicts will tell you that the considerable value of rehab cannot be measured or quantified.


Next Steps

If you’re struggling with addiction to drugs or alcohol, it’s time to Call Landmark Recovery. As one of the top rehabs in Louisville KY our admissions consultants will speak to you with compassion and respect and help you take the critical first step to reclaiming your sobriety, and your life. Call us today to begin inpatient treatment today.


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