Getting Clean: Ridding Your Body of Drugs Through Detoxification

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If you are continually using drugs, do you accept that you might be an addict? It is crucial for you to know that due to the abuse of drugs for a long time it is natural to have toxic substances in your body. As a result, you may have to suffer adverse consequences because these toxins are very harmful to your bodily organs. Unfortunately, the result is that your dependence on drugs can lead to health problems. The good news is that your body can fix these issues itself, but it requires appropriate treatment and care.


Therefore, detoxification is considered the most appropriate and best way to bring internal changes in your body because this is the only way that helps to clean unwanted toxins from your body. There are several ways to make detoxification successful, such as exercising regularly, eating nutritious food, and adding other healthy habits. With the help of all these, the impurities in your body can be cleansed. If you want to try to detox your body from drugs yourself, it is necessary to consult a doctor before. If your problem is very serious, then you might need medical help.


Natural Drug Detoxification

Natural detox is the process of removing the toxic substances without medicines. Most people choose this method because you can do it yourself at home. It includes massage, exercise, yoga, and acupuncture. However, it is considered to be less efficient. Many people start with a natural drug detox with a powerful desire. By using this method, money is also saved. This includes the following:


· Always stay hydrated-Due to continuous and excessive use of drugs, your body starts dehydrating. So you have to face problems like headaches, muscular pain, and fatigue. Drinking a lot of water can help you to reduce these issues. With the help of water, your body is flushed. It eliminates the toxins and other unwanted things from the body. Therefore, the more water you drink, the more your body will be cleansed.


· Eat nutritious food- If you choose natural drug detox, you need to undo all the damages that have occurred due to the drugs. Therefore, healthy food is necessary because it is helpful in removing toxins that have accumulated in your body. Healthy food protects our body from many diseases which is useful in recovery. It is vital to keep in mind what you include in your diet.

Various fruits, vegetables and nuts that are helpful in the process of detoxification from drugs.

To make detoxification successful, eat green leafy vegetables such as kale, cauliflower, broccoli, and seaweed because they promote strength within the immune system. Strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries are the primary sources of antioxidants that are helpful in detox. In addition to these, yogurt, chia seeds, parsley, and lemons remove the impurities from the intestines.


· Other ways to get the toxins out from the body- If you put some good in the body then the bad goes out too. Exercise is considered to be the most appropriate and the best way to keep your body healthy. While exercising, your heartbeat accelerates, and your body releases sweat due to the toxic substances trying to escape through the pores. This not only helps in detoxification, but it also creates the natural endorphins in the brain. These endorphins reduce the dependence on drugs because they make you feel happy. Massage and acupuncture are also good alternatives for natural drug detox. Apart from this, Epsom salt baths can be helpful because the hot water opens the pores and the salt carries the toxic substances away.


Dangers of detoxification at home

It is true that detoxification at home can be dangerous; especially when you consume excessive amounts of drugs. When you quit the drug use, there is a possibility of more shock for your body. In the beginning, most people think that they will do anything to stop withdrawal symptoms, but many have died due to dehydration and malnutrition. So if you experience any danger during a natural drug detox, then you must take medical assistance.


Medically supervised detox

A monitor to help monitor an individual in medical detoxification.

Medically supervised detox can be entirely natural, but medical intervention is provided. A doctor first assesses your situation and if needed, medical intervention is taken. If you want to get rid of addiction indefinitely, then medically supervised detox is the way to go. It has been considered the safest, comfortable and stress-free way to help reduce withdrawal symptoms. The following medicines can be used to reduce withdrawal symptoms which are approved by the FDA:


· Methadone: Can be used to activate the brain and reducing the craving.

· Buprenorphine: Provides relief from withdrawal symptoms without also producing euphoria.

· Naltrexone: Usually provided to prevent relapse after the completion of the detox process.


Medically supervised detox provides two types of programs, inpatient, and outpatient. If your condition is severe, then you should choose the inpatient detox program because this program offers you 24 hours of supervision. Apart from this, other options are also provided to make you better such as:


· Individualized detox programs

· Comprehensive aftercare

· Nutritious, gourmet meals

· fun & stimulating activities


The role of medical detoxification in drug addiction is fundamentally essential. However, you can choose one or both natural drug detox and medically supervised detox. Beating an addiction without detox can be difficult. It is recommended to get in touch with rehab centers and ask for their help also, while you follow these steps.


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