7 Ways Smart Recovery Enhanced Our Substance Abuse Program

Posted by Sara Niemiec on Jan 18, 2018, 10:00:00 AM


Smart Recovery, which stands for Self-Management and Recovery Training, is an important part of the therapeutic process we believe in at Landmark Recovery. Differing from the 12-Step program, Self-Management and Recovery Training is the first addiction therapy backed by science. This is a four-point program that does not need to be followed in a specific order. It’s actually encouraged to tackle points that are more relevant to your dependency, based on your sole needs. There are many reasons we believe in this program, and here are just a few.


 Benefits of Smart Recovery

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Catering to your needs – No two addictions are the same. Whether it be comparing what you are physically or emotionally prone to, your childhood, where you are at in life right now, anything - we have never seen two users bring in an substance abuse problem and the same stories to one of our meetings. By following the four-point program rather than the 12-step, we are able to begin in any order that will help your addiction most efficiently. This recovery program has helped us cater to individual needs rather than believing what works for one person must work for everyone else.


Erasing labels – At Landmark Recovery we believe labeling your addiction as a “disease” can be crippling to the success of managing your addiction. Recovery is a lifelong process. With this treatment plan, we witness graduations and the beginnings of new, healthy lives. Many times, people avoid AA or the 12-step program because they don’t want to succumb to the label of a user or might not want to admit they are one. With Smart Recovery we have witnessed people weigh the pros and cons of sobriety during the four-point program and ultimately decide sobriety is better for their future. We encourage the self-revelation rather than an automatic label.


Balancing your life – Being the fourth point of the four-point program, balance is important. Deciding to become sober will be one of the most drastic lifestyle changes anyone can face. When finding balance, you have to take into account what is important for you and what you need to prioritize. At Landmark Recovery we see success when we break down goals and create a realistic plan of how we are going to get there. Without the balance of small steps, life can quickly become overwhelming. When setting obtainable goals, success begins coming together.


Believing in a higher power – In this treatment, there is no push in the spiritual direction. Not falling into any of the four points, you are completely at will to keep believing what you believe in or to just ignore the topic entirely. It is not seen as a crucial step to helping you find success past your substance abuse. We believe in supporting whatever your individual needs are, and if not believing in a higher power is it – Smart Recovery may be the best option for you.


Motivation – Finding motivation can be difficult when you are beginning on your path to your new sober life. Many times, you are giving up everything you know; nightly routines, hangout spots and maybe even some friends or family members. It can be difficult to keep seeing the benefit of a sober lifestyle. The first point of the program is finding the willingness to stay sober which is crucial to the longevity of a successful new sober life. Without motivation, it’s not likely you will be able to change your life very much.


Handling cravings & urges – The second point examines what can trigger a craving or an urge. Beginning with the second point can be beneficial for someone who is beginning sobriety after a relapse. A relapse commonly begins as a craving and learning how to react appropriately to cravings can prevent a new relapse and keep you successfully on the path of sobriety.


Something new - If you have tried Alcoholics Anonymous or the 12 step program and it hasn’t worked, it might be time to try something new. Many times, people feel their cravings and use is too great to handle and that they have burned too many bridges for anyone to have faith in their recovery again. We are trying to refresh the path to society and new recovery plans have helped us do that. With a new approach, many people feel optimistic because it is a program that they have not failed at.


Next Steps

While at Landmark Recovery, we incorporate Smart Recovery meetings into your weekly routine, six days a week. Two of the meetings are open to the public which means patients may continue attending once they graduate from our program. Sharing success stories and triumphs could be the very inspiration someone else needs stays on their path of sobriety.


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