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It’s true that what works for one person might not necessarily work for the next-Some individuals may prefer rehab in Louisville, Kentucky because of the wide variety of services offered. Individual needs and preferences are unique, diverse and complex. But, when we’re talking about life or death matters, there’s a lot to be said about evidence-based solutions that have a proven track record of effectively and consistently providing optimal results.


When thinking about drug addicts, recovery, and rehabs, you want individualized treatment. You need the absolute best treatment - treatment that works. That’s why Landmark Recovery is the best inpatient drug rehab in Kentucky. We incorporate leading therapy techniques and personalized treatment into a comprehensive recovery program that is quickly beating out competitors!


Landmark Recovery offers 30-45 day inpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs, while also offering residential detox, intensive outpatient/IOP, and partial hospitalization/PHP.


Drug Rehab in Louisville, Kentucky 

The bed in a hospital where an individual can detox before entering drug rehab in Louisville, KY

Group therapy


Group interactions with the clinical staff and the patient’s peers will allow for valuable connections to be made further strengthening their individual recovery process. Each patient participates in five hours of group therapy daily.


Individual therapy weekly

An individual in a therapy session at a drug rehab in Louisville, KY

Each patient interacts with their individual counselor at least twice per week. The patient and counselor will begin exploring the thoughts, feelings, and situations which have contributed to their ongoing substance use.


Medical supervision daily

Each patient has specific needs, beliefs, and values. From the time a patient enters into medical detoxification, to the time they get discharged, our medical staff implements an individualized plan of care for every patient.



Getting feedback on a machine used at a drug rehab in Louisville, KY

Neurofeedback is a wonderful adjunct to other forms of therapy. At the heart of neurofeedback is a retraining of dysfunctional brain patterns which contribute to the person’s addiction.

Patients at Landmark Recovery receive Neurofeedback sessions that teach the brain how to function in healthier and more balanced ways. Neurofeedback is a non-invasive therapy that reprograms abnormal brain wave patterns to make them function more optimally. What this means is that the brain can better self-regulate itself, and a more balanced individual emerges.

Neurofeedback can be equated to learning to ride a bike or bake a cake. You must learn through experience, and you can’t understand how to perform activities through reading an instruction booklet or recipe.

Once you jump on the bike or start mixing ingredients, your brainwave patterns signal that something has been processed and learned. Similarly, Neurofeedback provides information about how your brain is working.


Think of it as an experience that helps you do something better.


Educational & Therapeutic group

Within the first 2 weeks of treatment, families are encouraged to participate in our family program. Each family spends approximately one half of a day learning about the addiction and recovery process, including how they can gain support.

Topics covered in the family program:

How “We” are affected by the loved one’s addiction

  • Families are given the opportunity to process through feelings of hurt and confusion that accompany living with someone actively using substances.


Benefits of an aftercare plan

A woman smiling while learning about the benefits of an aftercare plan before she leaves her drug rehab in Louisville, KY

By incorporating structure into a person’s life, the chances of success increase dramatically. Thus, we take into account many of the activities learned in residential treatment – 12 step meeting attendance, self-care, and processing relapse triggers when developing a person’s plan of care beyond residential treatment.


Continued monitoring of the patient beyond discharge

Our team of professionals continue to monitor the patient at 30, 60, 90 days and 6 months post discharge. Our primary goal is to continue the support we have begun while they are in residential care. Furthermore, our team will also engage patients in a quarterly check up to 5 years post discharge.


Next Steps

Here at Landmark Recovery, we put our patients first to allow them to live the life they have always dreamed. Are you ready to take the first step to overcome your addiction by finding rehabs in Louisville KY


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