The Worst Addiction Advice We Have Ever Heard

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It’s a good thing to get help for alcohol or drug addiction from a rehab center; it is also good to read addiction advice. The gesture symbolizes that you’re willing to get your life back on track and to gain control of your mind, body and spirit. Going through rehab is a gruesome experience so you need all the support you can get from family and friends.

Despite all the positive energy and encouragement of joining a rehab center, there’s a possibility of getting some misleading advice even before the program commences.

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Worst Addiction Advice 

Few people are addicted by choice to the consumption of alcohol or drugs. Perhaps your dependence on substances might be resulting from factors such as anxiety or depression. Some pseudo-addiction experts might tell you that people just have to stop the addictive behavior, that addicts have control over their condition. It’s a falsehood which only exacerbates the addiction problem.

A rehab center is where you can get assistance on how to manage all addiction-related problems. Treatment for addiction is not a straightforward approach. You must learn to detect false advice early. It’s the best way to get your life back on track.

Addiction treatment requires realizing that it’s no shame admitting that you have a problem and getting help. Well-meaning friends and family members have to support anyone dealing with addiction issues. Addiction is not something you can overpower on your own. Any attempts will only worsen the situation.

Look out for advice such as the following which you might have heard somewhere regarding addiction. It’s not true and doesn’t help deal with addiction in any way.


  • It’s okay to return to alcohol and drugs after a period of sobriety

Addiction has a lot of diverse effects on an individual. It affects your relationship with others, might lead to loss of loved ones and employment. So, any chance of gaining sobriety is not something to take lightly. First of all, it takes a commitment to stop the use of addictive substances for good. Furthermore, sobriety requires getting treatment at a rehab center.

After gaining sobriety, you have a lot at stake if you return to substance abuse. It will be a return to the initial stages of rehab again. Relapse might cause severe health conditions and even death. There’s a need for you to accept that alcohol and drugs have no part in your life and move on.


  • Life becomes perfect after stopping substance abuse

Have you ever realized that most people relapse after getting disappointed by unrealistic expectations after sobriety? Recovery doesn’t come overnight. Ending substance abuse is only a single step in the process of total abstinence.

You might get some improvement in your life after stopping substance abuse, but it’s just the beginning of a long journey. Challenges are apparent, but you need to be ready to face them. Sobriety takes a lifetime and keeps improving as long you stick to making positive changes.

Eventually, a stage for enjoying a real sense of real serenity will come, but it doesn’t happen overnight.


  • Addiction treatment ends with detox

Before checking into rehab, people might tell you that all is well after detox. This is a terrible piece of advice. Addiction treatment programs take a specified period of months or weeks. This is a result of extensive study of the phases of rehab.

Perhaps you hate the fact that you have to spend some time in rehab. However, it’s for your good. Your life will be better by the time you leave the facility. It does not stop there. You will have to keep coming back to the center to continue with treatment.

Better physical health doesn’t mean that you’re through with the treatment. There’s still a lot to do if you’re to get better mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

The programs at Landmark Recovery of Louisville are designed to help you achieve total recovery from substance abuse. It doesn’t end there. You get a safe space for long-term sobriety to set in. Settling into a treatment program might not be so easy at first, but you need to persevere. The results will be worth it.


  • Meetings are not necessary

Relatives or friends might tell you this to get you into rehab. It’s good to enter into rehab, but the fact remains that you will have to attend group meetings even after leaving rehab.

Group meetings during residential addiction treatment are to help you become comfortable with recovery. It’s not so easy to assimilate into society after rehab. Thus, the group meetings are to help you get some comfort with the fact that you’re undergoing recovery.

It will significantly help you on the road to recovery. These group meetings help you deal with depression and to assist you to get your life back on track.


  • No medication during addiction treatment

Dealing with alcohol and drug dependence is a severe issue. This is because addiction comes with a lot of physical effects on your body. So, don’t believe people who tell you that you will not need medication for addiction treatment.

Withdrawals during treatment for addiction have very adverse effects on the body. It might even become fatal if you are deciding to quit cold turkey. In such a situation, you might need medication to wean you off drugs slowly and safely.

Ensure to get into a rehab facility where you will get assistance meeting your specific requirements. Sometimes in recovery, you might need medication to handle dependence. Believing that you don’t need prescription medicine will only prolong your recovery process.


Bottom line

Always remember that people are not the same when it comes to receiving treatment for addiction. Sharing and connecting with others facing the same problem in group meetings is good for you.

However, it doesn’t mean that your drug and alcohol recovery experience is the same. Take addiction advice with a grain of salt because everyone is different. You have to get into a rehab treatment center which will assess your situation to devise a treatment plan most useful for your needs. Within no time, you will regain sobriety for a chance to live normally again as a responsible individual.


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